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Connor Joel Franta (born September 12, 1992) is an American YouTube vlogger, Internet personality, writer and entrepreneur. As of March 2015, his self-named main channel on YouTube has more than 4.4 million subscribers. Franta was formerly a member of YouTube group Our2ndLife under the Fullscreen Network, but is now an independent member of the Big Frame network, managed by Andrew Graham. Franta has recently become involved in various entrepreneurial enterprises, including a clothing line, music curation, as well as a coffee and lifestyle brand named “Common Culture”. His debut book, a memoir, ‘A Work in Progress, was released on April 21, 2015. Read more?


Connor’s lifestyle brand, Common Culture just announced that they have teamed up with Urban Outfitters! An exclusive collection of Common Culture merchandise will be available in 8 Urban Outfitters stores across the US!

Connor also announced that he will be going on a little meet and greet tour to celebrate the launch. Check out the videos below to find out where Connor will be visiting and where you can shop for the exclusive items. Promotional photos have been added to the gallery.


01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg  


urban-tour01.jpg urban-tour02.jpg urban-tour03.jpg urban-tour04.jpg   



Connor answers fan questions in Today’s new video! Over 200 high quality screen captures have been added to the photo gallery. Make sure to check them out!

problematic026.jpg problematic039.jpg problematic057.jpg problematic069.jpg problematic073.jpg problematic109.jpg problematic120.jpg



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I’ve added 519 high definition screen captures to the gallery, make sure to check them out!

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Connor made an appearance at the 2016 YouTube FanFest in Milani, Philippines. Franta hung out with other internet personalities and did some press yesterday (May 26). The show was the today (May 27). 20+ photos revolving around the event have been added to the gallery. Make sure to check them out!

Press Conference

ff-press001.JPG ff-press002.JPG ff-press003.jpg ff-press004.JPG ff-press005.JPG ff-press006.JPG 


ff-show001.jpg ff-show002.jpg ff-show003.jpg ff-show004.jpg ff-show005.jpg  

Meet & Greet

ff-mg001.JPG ff-mg002.JPG ff-mg003.JPG ff-mg004.JPG ff-mg005.JPG ff-mg006.JPG 


other-ff001.jpg other-ff002.jpg other-ff003.JPG    


Appearances > 2016 > 2016 YouTube FanFest Philippines (Press Conference) – May 26 (x6)
Appearances > 2016 > 2016 YouTube FanFest Philippines (Show) – May 27 (x5)
Appearances > 2016 > 2016 YouTube FanFest Philippines (Meet & Greet) – May 27 (x6)
Miscellaneous > 2016 YouTube FanFest Philippines – May 27 (x3)



Connor was seen at a Dinner with the other talents for FanFest He also took pictures with friends before FanFest. Photos have been added to the gallery.



with Friends

friends-family0014.JPG friends-family0015.jpg     


Candids > 2016 > At Dinner in Milani, Philippines – May 24 (x1)
Personal > With Friends and Family



At just 23 years old, vlogger Connor Franta has reached and defined a new strata of Internet stardom. His YouTube channel boasts 6 million subscribers–a combined 15 million followers when you include his Instagram and Twitter pages.

Connor rose to YouTube fame for his quirky, #relatable (but really, though) weekly vlogs about his life as a college student, funny pop culture quips, regarding music, movies, books.

But it was his December 8th, 2014 video, “Coming Out,” that elevated Connor’s platform into new terrain.
The video, which has amassed more than 10 million views, was a heart-wrenching six-and-a-half minutes, during which Connor came out as gay–something he had kept from his dedicated fanbase for a long time.

His 2015 memoir, A Work In Progress, touched on his life growing up in conservative Minnesota, while both struggling with, and accepting his gayness, all in front of millions of people. The book has since sold 200,000 copies, and was a New York Times Bestseller.

Now, after expanding his interests into music, with a record label, and coffee and clothing sold on his quasi-Lifestyle shop, Common Culture, Connor has become a bonafide mogul.

But the Los Angeles-based media scion remains remarkably humble, and dedicated to living his truth amidst his international fame and ever-expanding media empire. We caught up with Franta while he was in New York to attend a 2016 YouTube Summit, and talked to him about life post-coming out, and where he sees his career going.

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In this week’s episode, Connor has two special guest Mitch and Scott. While playing the game you’ll learn that Connor is a going to be a great Wal Mart greeter who also owns three sex dungeons. Find out more by watching the full video above and click here to watch Mitch & Scott’s video!

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