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Connor Joel Franta (born September 12, 1992) is an American YouTube vlogger, Internet personality, writer and entrepreneur. As of March 2015, his self-named main channel on YouTube has more than 4.4 million subscribers. Franta was formerly a member of YouTube group Our2ndLife under the Fullscreen Network, but is now an independent member of the Big Frame network, managed by Andrew Graham. Franta has recently become involved in various entrepreneurial enterprises, including a clothing line, music curation, as well as a coffee and lifestyle brand named “Common Culture”. His debut book, a memoir, ‘A Work in Progress, was released on April 21, 2015. Read more?

Connor changed his upload date this week to match Dodie Clark! While Connor was in London, he sat down with fellow YouTuber, Dodie Clark to make two videos. In Connor’s video, they play the “123” game and in Dodie’s video they chat while they put a face mask on each other and paint Connor’s nails. Make sure to check out the high quality screen captures and videos below!

Tea & Games with Dodie Clark

face masks and nail polish with Connor Franta
Screen Captures
321-001.jpg 321-019.jpg 321-040.jpg 321-109.jpg 321-130.jpg 321-325.jpg 321-411.jpg
facemask009.jpg facemask074.jpg facemask123.jpg facemask166.jpg facemask192.jpg facemask283.jpg facemask295.jpg



Connor has just released a new album to the Common Culture compilation series! Common Culture VI (6) is now available on the official website with a couple of other items, so make sure to check that out! Also, watch the video Connor posted talking about the new compilation.

cc6006.jpeg cc6007.jpeg cc6008.jpeg    

cc6v04.jpg cc6v10.jpg cc6v35.jpg cc6v47.jpg cc6v96.jpg cc6v125.jpg cc6v128.jpg



Connor answers your questions related to LGBTQ+ topics for this weeks video. High quality screen captures from the video have been added to the photo gallery, so make sure to check those out and the video below!

questions01.jpg questions126.jpg questions16.jpg questions198.jpg questions238.jpg questions329.jpg questions33.jpg



All Connor wants for his birthday is donations! For this weeks video, Connor teamed up with GLSEN and his brand, Common Culture. A hat and t-shirt with a rainbow on them are now available on commonculture.co; but hurry because they are only available for 7 days! All of the money made from these purchases will be given to GLSEN to help them reach their goals. You can also directly donate to GLSEN here.
Screen captures from the video have been added to the gallery. Make sure to check those out and watch the video below.

bday-glsen004.jpg bday-glsen025.jpg bday-glsen059.jpg bday-glsen108.jpg bday-glsen167.jpg bday-glsen138.jpg bday-glsen154.jpg



Connor shows us around the little town of La Crescent, Minnesota, which is where he grew up and lived until he moved to L.A. High quality screen captures have been added to the photo gallery. Make sure to check them out and the video below.  

growup003.jpg growup029.jpg growup047.jpg growup062.jpg growup100.jpg growup095.jpg growup121.jpg

Screen Captures > YouTube > Main Channel (2010 – Present) > 2016 > where i grew up. – September 5



Connor uploaded this week’s video on a Friday? Yes! This week, he showed off some of his new possessions that he loves. Over 300 high quality screen captures from the video have been added to the gallery. Make sure to check them out and the video, below!

showing0002.jpg showing0016.jpg showing0120.jpg showing0200.jpg showing0268.jpg showing0289.jpg showing0325.jpg



Connor  goes through his old mac laptop that he got in 2008 and used through 2013 in this weeks video. Over 500 high quality screen captures have been added to the photo gallery. Make sure to check them out!

8-22-old-laptop0002.jpg 8-22-old-laptop0008.jpg 8-22-old-laptop0090.jpg 8-22-old-laptop0202.jpg 8-22-old-laptop0249.jpg 8-22-old-laptop0277.jpg 8-22-old-laptop0328.jpg



In this week’s episode, Connor has two special guest Mitch and Scott. While playing the game you’ll learn that Connor is a going to be a great Wal Mart greeter who also owns three sex dungeons. Find out more by watching the full video above and click here to watch Mitch & Scott’s video!

hello hello and happy monday all! this week i’m joined by my good friends mitch and scott! we play a little game and have some good chats 🙂 do me a favor and click the thumbs up if you enjoy it? have a great week everyone x